Monday, 13 June 2011

Farfalle, Lucciole, Piselli and an old fashioned washing line!!!

I am sorry it has been a while.......What with Internet connection problems due to extra growth of the trees, having a small op in a local hospital,(which I have to say, left me with a lasting impression that the health system in Italy, is first class!), and, well, just life really I haven't managed to tap in ages.
I will try and give an impression of what has been going on during the change in season.
My notes in April remind me again of the delightful butterflies the wild flowers are drawing to our garden.
I am amazed at how many species and when I try to look them up,I hardly know where to begin, there are so many!
The Eros Blue or Common Meadow Blue, is one of my favourites.
Sitting with the healing warmth of the sun on my back,(still in April), I watched birds flying across the vegetable garden, their little beaks packed with all kinds of nest building material, such a joy!
Dandelions, bright yellow remind me of my childhood for they have always been around, together with the fluffy seed heads, 'he loves me, he loves me not'!!!!
Every year I say I will start to catalogue the wild flowers each month.
I discovered a tiny, little mauve flower with a cream centre strangling my mint whilst displaying her pretty face. At first I didn't notice her fine long threads wrapping around the mint, now I wonder if it is actually a good thing as the mint rapidly grows stretching itself very quickly across the herb garden!!!
I take a deep breathe, so many amazing smells in the air filling my senses and the lovely calling of birds to one another.
May is the time of year when the Lucciole are with us again.
Wonderful natural fairy lights delighting us around the house after dark, particularly along the woodland track.
I remember one of the first times we noticed them up here, friends Ian and Charlie insisted on walking down the lane as we followed in the car with all the plates and equipment we had bought up for a BBQ before the house was finished.It was late, none of us wanted to leave the tranquility! We very quickly turned the engine off because the Lucciola were dancing along in their hundreds, it was so spectacular!
I imagine they come at that time of year to mate and always think it's so funny when there is only the odd one or two left..."hello, I am over here, look at me!" the poor last few left on the shelf!!!
And now we are in June already.
We have almost eaten all the delicious peas, the Kale which was so tasty I could just eat plates of it on it's own !
At last, I have my lovely old fashioned washing line!
I can now walk up the garden and peg out the washing to dry in the sun, nothing like fresh dried washing!!!
I will leave you with that image, until the next time!
Take Care of yourselves.

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