Sunday, 26 January 2014

Beckoning Light…….

25th January 2014

I awoke with the sun kissing my cheek this morning.
The beginning of a beautiful day.
Pulling on whatever I could lay my hands on, I hurridly
 made a hot fresh lemon determined to make the best of such glory.

I let the hens out to wander freely…….love to hear them clucking and watch them scratching around for grubs and any other tasty morsels……..and off I went for a walk through the woods.

Amazing what you see if you allow your eyes to wander freely at every level!

Ah…... there are my favourite Olive Trees……dancing in rays of sunlight!

Leaves sparkling..roots running through gentle mounds they perch upon terraces in the valley……such beautiful trees.  

Mountains partially screened by spindly trees, command my attention, I can never ignore such powerful splendour…..… I continue walking along the woodland path…..
A sudden blast from the sun draws my attention like a flash light, it highlights a smattering of  bronze leaves...

I momentarily  stop to say a prayer…….. 

Across the other side…..snow capped mountains peep above layers of hills and trees, embellished with colours associated with the time of year.

Light and colour greet me in my tracks…..

A tree lined hilltop interspersed with typical old stone Tuscan buildings…..  

Lush green moss stretches, rejoicing towards the light.

Smooth satin like chestnuts huddle within their prickly casing.

I return to find our cats languishing in the warmth of the sun!

Wahoo! I hope the sun is shining with you!

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