Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Painting ~

 Sitting in the orto on my old bench, naked feet gently pressed in Thyme, releasing the most divine scent.

Occasionally I glance at my dear Italian friend, Michelina as she paints on canvas........our house!

Birds singing, calling to one another, Ruby and Olive at her feet.

Bees dip into the vibrant blue Borage flowers, colourful butterflies flutter from flower to flower.
Bells chime the mid~day hour from the church along the lane....a gentle breeze in the air, sun warms our backs......love this place.............I am lost in time.

Allowing the breeze to carry away any stresses I have, gradually I relax more enjoying the presence, the energy of now.

Revelling the sweet moment connecting with nature, the smell the aroma of herbs and vegetables growing, surrounding us......my friend paints with all her heart and soul.

I am so very touched, it's for me, my special place, this tranquil haven......I want only to share with other creative souls and free spirits, and of course, my husband!

She lights a cigarette, like one of those actresses from an age gone by, elegant and glamorous.....full pink lips and broad smile, she laughs from within.

Painting with a palette knife one moment, then the special angled brush, it's looking so wonderful, I am filled with emotion.
Bee buzzed past with intention, another squooze of paint hits the palette and Michelina hunts through her box full of tubes of paint for......just the right shade.

I make us a tray of coffee carrying it down to the vegetable garden, it felt so special.
We chatted in more depth together, Italian and English, each trying to learn.........perfecting our language skills a little better.

A pic~nic lunch, fresh pear, in season, ruccola, walnuts, parmigiano a little olive oil, the one Karen and Al bought all the way from Australia....undeniably made from olives they had picked!
A small glass of wine....a little bread, here in the middle of the orto, water......what fun!

I clear our plates, my friend reaches back towards the canvas.....love the smell of the paint, lost in the gentle warmth of being and in the company of one who feels as I do, that this is Settimo Cielo!

I am so blessed thank you......so blessed X

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