Thursday, 26 February 2015

Our Little Organic Market...

 Wednesday is the day a handful of stallholders sell their organic produce in the neighbouring town of Aulla.
For me it feels like a celebration, being able to buy fresh lemons picked straight from the tree, vegetables, hand-made sausages from local reared meat, honey and eggs to top up our own when our hens aren't laying so well at this time of year...and a delicious selection of cheeses including Ricotta and Pecorino.

Everyone is friendly and passionate about their wares, it's an opportunity to chat and help support them, easy enough as it is all first class produce!

I asked this lady for a few of her lovely spring onions, delicious in Fritatta or egg fried rice!
She insisted on giving them to me, wouldn't take a cent bless her, so I kissed her on both cheeks and will look out for her next week to buy some of her other produce!

Always buy these beautiful lemons to squeeze into my hot morning drink, which I make by adding a little chopped fresh ginger and topping up with boiling refreshing! 
I am informed by the locals it's good for your system to eat some of the lemon skin as well, no nasties sprayed on just how nature intended!


  1. Such a beautiful insight into a heavenly life in Italy. Thankyou for sharing x

    1. Thank You so very much for taking the time to read the snippets of my life in this little patch of Tuscany...I LoVe life here and love to share it all!XXX