Sunday, 5 February 2012

Home Made Bread and Our Wabbit in the Garden!

There is something rather comforting about baking bread, especially on a bitterly cold day, and more comforting still....... eating it!
I have to admit it has been a couple of years since I baked a loaf, so I am no expert, however, it tasted good and I  found it quite therapeutic!
This recipe came from one of my Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall books, which I mention only because I found a tip.......  by placing a roasting tin of boiling water at the bottom of the oven just before baking the bread, it will give it a good crust and help it to rise!  
What made it really exciting was the fact that the flour is milled locally in our village by Zangani Mauro E Figli, fantastic!

                       I am so delighted to see Wabbit enjoying her life to the full in our garden!

Last summer Em didn't manage to catch her after she had spent the best part of the day hopping around and sunning herself on the swing.
We never did feel too happy about her being in a hutch!
Wabbit has made a new home in a gap under one of the terraces, although we were fearful to begin with, she has absolutely thrived munching her way around on whatever she fancies, popping out to see us every day!

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  1. Wabbit is so cute! Nice to see her hopping around and enjoying life with the other animals.