Tuesday, 7 February 2012


A restful night of uninterrupted sleep, thanks to the wonderful new wood burning stufa just fitted in our bathroom!
Awakening to the intoxicating smell of wood, since burned out.
Wind blustering at top speed around the house, whipping through the trees, capturing anything in it's path, flinging it far and wide.

                         It feels so comforting being tucked in, sheltered from that bitter cold wind.

I am taken away from my blissful retreat by two dogs willing me to appear and take them for a walk!
Day four without water and I am going to have to boil up some of the water we collected from the spring yesterday.
It would be so easy to despair, not being able to have my morning shower, but I distract my frustration, bundle on my clothes, layer after layer ready to meet the day!

The wind fills me, it is exhilarating whipping around me as it changes direction!
Charlie and Pepe run as they try and catch up with it!!!
Looking up from my bag as I collect kindling for the fire, I am entranced by the colour of the sky, pale shades of pink, yellow and grey and those majestic mountains capped with snow!

Count my blessings I say, the wind has bought vigour, a great new energy.
My bag is full of wood to get my fire started, a gift no less!
And I am inspired by the view!


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