Monday, 13 February 2012

Luxurious Hot Bath, Twenty Quintale of Logs, Full Moon and Two Scorpions!

Well, it's been a difficult week in some respects, no mains water for the best part  which had Em and I recycling the water for hot water bottles and being as inventive and economical as possible.
The icy weather had frozen up the pipe which normally carries water up to our house.
So cold, even the bottled water I left in the car over-night, had frozen!!!
It certainly made us think how much we take running water for granted, a good lesson perhaps!

Our dear friends Eva and Chris, who live on the other side of the valley, very kindly invited us up to have a bath, so I took them up on the offer!
Fantastic! We only have showers at the moment, so a bath was even more luxurious, Chris even ran it for me, scattering bath salts with bits of olive leaves into the running water!
Em bathed at home in the blue washing tub she managed to fill with boiling water, talk about going back in time!!!

We were due to have a delivery of logs, but unfortunately Luca couldn't make it for a few days so we were pleased when they finally arrived, even the rabbit came out to celebrate!
This year we will be more organised, have a delivery every other month and build up supplies, giving it extra seasoning time as well!

This is how 20 quintale looks!

On Tuesday night, I lit the stufa in the bathroom and in semi darkness, flopped on the chaise.
So lovely taking in the twinkly lights, a sign of village life around us and the beautiful full moon, emitting a feeling of new hope.
I would never want curtains on the bathroom windows, (not a problem up here in the woods!), they would block out important light and energy, so calming and peaceful.

We have barely seen scorpions whilst living up here, although, of course they are quite common.
Still, this week we saw two in one day!
I am told the sting they can inflict, which incidentally is only venomous during August, is about the same as that of a wasp or bee sting.
Perhaps ours arrived with the wood!
Not wanting to actually kill them, I scooped them up and placed them outside.
I had to be quick they are pretty swift movers!!!

                            Em organised the collection of kindling, a lovely big basket to keep us going!

                                                  A pair of old busybodies just looked on!!!!

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  1. The rabbit seems very tame. Does he ever try to run away to join his country cousins?

    Hope you now have water!