Tuesday, 27 March 2012

In Search of Interesting, Old Treasure...........

With planting being bought to a swift halt due to a change in the Moon, I decided to have an hour or two wandering one of the local antique fairs at the week-end.
Apart from deriving an immense amount of pleasure from the garden, as friends and family will know only too well, I also have a passion about hunting around junk shops and antique markets!!!
The fun, for me being when I find treasure at a very good affordable price!
With the stream of TV programmes over recent years, it has become much harder to find bargains!
These days I no longer buy just because I like something, it has to have a practical use and purpose!
I love old kitchen items as long as they are in good condition, feeling something old compliments the new and brings not only character to a room but a tale of one kind or another from a previous life!
Of course, the tale very often is not known, however, wondering about the previous owner and their life can prove just as interesting!
I also collect old fabrics, particularly linen when I can find it and trimmings, tassels, buttons and ribbons.

I found this lovely old wire basket which looks great on our kitchen table!
I have already used it for oranges and lemons and used it to display cookery books!

I was also lucky enough to find this beautiful Liberty carving, dating back a 100 years or more.
Such a beautiful face, I found it quite beguiling!
Now wondering whether to place it above an internal door frame or mirror!!!
What a lovely lovely morning!
Happy hunting!!!


  1. I guess, you were raiding the shops before my arrival just to be sure that all tresures was gone!!
    Did you left anything behind????

  2. Haha...certainly not Susanne! I went to the antique market at Filetto, haven't been over to the other places shopping in along time!!!