Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Buona Pasqua!

Over the past week or more I have literally felt like covering my eyes each time I walked towards the windows or left the house!
All due to the fact my beloved camera decided to completely cease from functioning!
I have probably completely worn it to a frazzle recording life virtually on a day to day basis, dragging it to and fro from Turkey and England quite apart from throwing it in and out of various bags keeping it by my side at all times, so stimulated and inspired by all that surrounds me!

A week of rain has prevented us from weeding, but left us with beautiful unfurled young leaves and splashes of that lovely shade of bright vivid green!
Blossom trees in full bloom, fields of bright yellow dandelions and everything twinkling with raindrops......makes me feel so alive!
I am so grateful the rain came leaving our garden completely rejoicing!
Lavender is coming on well and the Azalea bursting with colour in   pots.....the saucers constantly filled from the sky...just how they like to take their water!
A sign of new life down in the raised beds, tiny rucola leaves and the potatoes growing.    

I left the house early on Easter Sunday to buy a tray of pasticceria to take to our neighbours for lunch.
I couldn't believe the view that met my eyes as I drove down towards the village..... the mountains were capped in a jolly good dusting of snow, partially lit with shafts of sunshine, mist gently swirling!  

I delivered them to Laura on my way home.
Slowly driving along the woodland track I was met by a sight that bought tears to my eyes........a beautiful, graceful deer!
I turned the engine off and looked straight into her eyes as she gazed directly back at me...she didn't dart off as I imagined she would, fearing she would be hunted perhaps killed, just stood!
Then she walked up next to the Madonna,(a few metres away), turning, so I could see her profile and there she quietly stood...I waited and eventually as she walked away I started the engine to finish my journey home.
The most amazing experience I can tell you!

Summoned for lunch by 12.30pm, Em and I set off back down the track eager to embrace our dear friends, tummies rumbling ready for the imminent feast!

View taken with the IPad.....

Joined by Laura and Luciano's other friends, we made a buona  tavola, (good table), as they say! 
We dined on fresh home-made lasagne, verdure ripiene, (stuffed vegetables), torte di erbe, (a very fine, thin pastry with green vegetables from the garden, a local recipe), roast lamb, roast pork thinly sliced, roast potatoes, green salad from Laura's garden, followed by strawberries in lemon juice and fresh whipped cream, our pasticceria,(darling little cream pastries), served with Prosecco, chocolate and coffee!
All rather delicious!

Laura has just discovered her mare is expecting a foal!

Another lovely lunch and afternoon sharing laughter around Laura's table!

I hope you all enjoyed a Buona Pasqua!

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