Monday, 14 December 2015

Lavender Bags, Christmas Cake and Our Lovely Italian Farming Neighbours~

Well, already it's the 14th of on earth did that happen?!
Summer seems like only yesterday, I was planning another swim over in the Cinque Terre!
The year has flown, but I expect you are all saying the same.

I haven't even finished making my Lavender bags, some of which need to be posted very soon and the Christmas cake only just in the oven!
And before you queen bakers out there tell me...I know it's late!

I had a hitch with the base of my cake tin..... I can't find it!
Called by to see Laura this morning and got delayed, well actually I was enticed to stay for lunch.
It's like this, Laura asks if I would like to stay, I spend a second or two politely saying, "oh no I couldn't possibly", the next thing is I am sitting at their kitchen table tucking into their home grown borlotti beans served with the best olive oil I have ever tasted and lemon chicken!
Saying, "no" to Laura is something you just don't do and anyway, turning down her delicious food is pretty impossible!
We talked about the wonderful olive harvest, as well as Christmas amongst other topics.
How shall we organise ourselves this year?
They must come to ours to eat, give my favourite lady a rest.
I told them about my cake tin saga and how I had driven into town only to find a 20"or 28" tin, not the 23" I was after.
Laura disappeared to rummage in the kitchen above, returning with a brand new 26" tin!
So I have used that and for some strange reason, my mixture totally filled it!
Alberto asked if it is the fruit and nut cake with the icing I made last year, (he loves it), but of course, I will be giving some to them.
Thought about making two smaller cakes this year but somehow there is something rather nice about sharing one cake cut in half.

And now my friends, I must leave you there, the light has dipped and I must have a blast around the Torre with the dogs before putting the hens to bed for the night.

Enjoy your week, time is precious. X


  1. Wonderful time spent, enjoying great food and friendship

    1. Indeed it was Lady Katherine...the important things in life!
      Thank you for reading my blogs and commenting, I appreciate it immensely. X

  2. I have missed so man of your blogs. I am enjoying reading all of them this raining Sunday Morning. I also have baskets of trim and threads I have saved I love buying bits and pieces and making creations from them. Right now I have a lovely scrap of fabric I am applying a chain stitch to the edges to make a table topper. We share so many lovely things in common. I am so pleased we found each other and for our amazing friendship I love you. Fredajane